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Monster Kid Memories: EC HORROR COMICS! 

EC Comics kind of predates the “Monster Kid” era, as their run of horror comics (TALES FROM THE CRYPT, formerly CRYPT OF TERROR; THE VAULT OF HORROR; and THE HAUNT OF FEAR) began in 1947 and came to an end in 1954, but the popularity of the comics didn’t die with them. The macabre tales, typically with gruesome twist endings, were continually reprinted through the years in both paperback and comic book form. Their continued success has spawned films and television series.

In addition to their direct offspring, though, EC Comics had a profound impact on the upcoming “horror host” phenomenon. Each issue’s stories were introduced and commented upon throughout by that comic’s host. TALES FROM THE CRYPT had the Crypt-Keeper, THE VAULT OF HORROR had The Vault-Keeper, and THE HAUNT OF FEAR had The Old Witch. And each host’s joke- and pun-laden introductions and narrative comments provided a model for how any given TV horror host would present that night’s feature. As a result, the groundwork for the TV horror host to feel like a familiar concept was laid early by EC Comics and the host of imitators that would follow in their wake.

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